The Wood Wizzard




Our prime work, and what we are known for.  Complete refinishing includes hand stripping, hand sanding, custom color application, sealer, and high quality durable polyurethane lacquer top coat finish.  Our finishers customize the finish for your piece, blending your selection and our experience with the wood.



We repair furniture as needed, and as best as possible.  Generally speaking, if it's wood, we can fix it.  If it's not, we can try, or we know a guy.  Over the years, we've fixed everything from dog chew to mover damage.  When contractors need something fixed, they bring it to us.


Fabric can be as important as the wood.  We work directly with a few select upholsterers that mimic our quality wood work with fabric.  Over the 40+ years of working with them, they are an extension of The Wood Wizzard family.  We have full access to their materials and expertise. 


If it's wood, we can refinish or paint it.  If it's not wood, we can still paint it.  Professional painters usually work on-site, or in their garage on piece work, where as we have a full service shop to customize color and finish to a client's needs.  Anything can be painted, and we'll paint any color.  Hot pink anyone?


We can build or alter most anything wood.  We have sources locally and through out the midwest to acquire most woods needed for a project.  Our designers and custom crafters have a passion for creating the custom piece for client's needs.  Making one of a kind pieces, or designing for a specific purpose or space is our calling.


60+ years of combined musicianship reside at The Wood Wizzard.  Having an in-house piano specialist makes us a one-stop-shop for all things piano.  Moving pianos, refinishing, restringing, key work, and tuning, are all done by our staff and members of our family.  Music is the pulse at the shop, it's a privilege to work on a piano, or any instrument. 


Both hand cane or machine cane can be replaced, stained and finished to match the original cane.  This craftsmanship is a specialization that can maintain a piece's original design.

On-Site Services

Though slightly more costly, some things just cannot come to the shop.  Whether it be a built-in hutch, front or back door, bathroom vanity, or complete kitchen - we can still offer our abilities to bring these fixtures in your home back to life.  Customization, touch-up, or complete refinishing can be achieved to our high standards.  April to October for outside work only, interior jobs can be done year round by our on-site team. 

Pick-up & Delivery

The Wood Wizzard offers pick-up and delivery services for a small fee, based on distance from the shop and number of men needed.  It's is our shop staff and family members that do the pick-up and deliveries - not a third party moving company.  In fact, moving companies call us to move high end, specialty, antique pieces, or to repair them after they've tried.  This allows us to protect the piece before we work on it, and insure the final finish is delivered in the quality condition our shop prides itself on.